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The Sens win and Metro readers lose

Yay! The Sens won the first round of the playoffs against the Canadiens in what amounts to a crushing victory over Montreal.

Metro News - Habsolutely
Metro News Ottawa rewards Senators fans with a stupid headline

So what better way to celebrate the Sens win than with a terrible, punny headline on the cover of the Print Edition of the Ottawa Metro?

Are Sens Pesky? Habsolutely!

reads the headline of today’s paper.

Really? Seriously? You couldn’t do better than that?

First of all, where does the “pesky” idea come from? Does anyone associate senators in general or The Ottawa Senators specifically with things that are pesky, like mosquitoes and black flies?

OK, well maybe, at least for the actual senators part. Judging by more recent headlines, though, I would think the association would be with something considerably larger and more devious than common household bugs.

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