The future of the blog: Not enough time

What to do about the future of this creative endeavour?

I love the blog, I love being able to put my ideas out there, but as a working dad of two who spends much of his time with his family (as it should be), it’s very, very hard to keep steady at this.

I have an interview with Joanne McGregor of Christie Lake Kids – great interview – 37 minutes long. I interviewed her in March of this year. At this time, only 16 minutes have been transcribed, let alone edited.

Would moving to a podcast make more sense for the interviews? Then I can just edit the audio files themselves and post them online, rather than having to transcribe them, too.

Once my younger daughter is a little older, I’ll be able to devote more time to actually writing, but right now and for the immediately foreseeable future, it’s going to continue to be very, very slow…

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